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Wolf adoptions make great birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement gifts!

Now we also offer adoptions for 6 (50,00€) and for 3 months (25,00€)!

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Dog Seminars






The "caminolobo" (the wolf's way) are dog seminars that are for anyone who has a dog, or is thinking of getting one, and it’s not just for owners who might be having problems, even if you are happy with your dog you can learn from this unique experience. Learn about your dog, the real needs of a dog, its function, what he/she is thinking and most importantly how to get the very best from your dog.

Seminars (in English) take place every 1st Sunday of the month: 2.3.14, 6.4.14, 4.5.14, 1.6.14, 6.7.14, 7.9.14, 5.10.14, 2.11.14, 7.12.14

Special discount for couples or individuals that bring a friend along. Only 75,00€ for the 2 of you!

For more info and reservations please contact info@caminolobo.com

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Un parque de Lobos único en el mundo

Disfruta uno de los más atractivos parques de lobos, donde verás las 4...


World’s most unique Wolf Park

Enjoy one of the most attractive wolf parks where you can find 4 of the mos...


Ein Wolfspark – einzigartig in der Welt

Geniessen Sie diesen einzigartigen Wolfspark, wo Sie 4 der interessantesten...

Eye to Eye with the Wolves

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Iberian Wolf in the Lobo Park

Are you looking for a new destination for a day out? Witness wolves in an exceptional environment that lets no doubt that animal in captivity do have a chance to live in a semi-natural habitat. A short distance from Antequera you will find the Lobo Park, where you may look at a wolf eye to eye for the first time in your life – an unforgettable emotional experience!

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Wolf Howl Night

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WOlf Howl Night in the Lobo Park

Come and hear the wolves howl during the night!

If you are looking for a very special evening out, don’t miss the regular “Wolf Howl Nights” on all full moon evenings and on weekends from May until October. Come and see the wolves in the evening and you’ll experience them from a different light. As the air cools down and the sun starts to set, the wolves get livelier. It is also the time when you hear them howl more often.

Most people when asked how wolves communicate would respond that they howl. Even though they communicate in a variety of methods through sound, smell and body language. Wolf sounds range from the hair-raising howl that calls the pack together and plays a huge role in socialisation and bonding, to the rough short bark like sound that signifies fear and is used to warn other pack members of any threat or to scare away intruders. Other sounds include the whine, whimper, yelp, growl and snarl, all of which are probably heard more often than the howl, and yet it's the howl that defines the wolf and fascinates us.

The program starts with some time to see the other animals in the sanctuary and enjoy a small snack on the terrace with the spectacular view of the backend of the El Torcal mountain range. Definitely an unforgettable evening!

Price for the tapas and the guided night tour: 
Adults 25,00€, Children (from 3 – 12 years) 17,00€

Reservations necessary please call tel. +34 952031107 or send an email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

These are the coming dates for our Howl Nights 2014 - 2015:

August: Friday 1., Saturday, 2., Friday 8., Sunday 10. (Full moon - SOLD OUT), Friday 15., Saturday 16., Friday 22., Saturday 23., Friday 29. - Begin 19:30
September: Monday 8. (EXTRA), Tuesday 9. (Full moon - SOLD OUT), Saturday 20., Saturday 27. - Begin 19:30
October: Wednesday 8. (Full moon), Friday 31. (Halloween - SOLD OUT) - Begin at 18:30
November: Thursday 6. (Full moon) - Begin at 18:30
December: Saturday 6. (Full moon) - Begin at 18:30
January: Monday 5. (Full moon) - Begin at 18:30
February: Wednesday 4. (Full moon) - Begin at 18:30
March: Thursday 5. (Full moon)  - Begin at 18:30
April: Saturday 4. (Full moon & Easter weekend) - Begin at 19:30
May: Monday 4. (Full moon) - Begin at 19:30

To ensure your reservation we recommend making a 50% down payment for your booking. Please follow this link.

Groups of 4 persons and more have to make a 50% advance down payment. Please follow this link.

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Where we are

  • Prices: Adults 11,00€ and Children 7,00€    We don't accept credit cards
  • Opening hours (every day): 10:00 - 18:00  except on all Wednesdays
  • Guided Wolf Tours: Mon - Sun and public holidays: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:30
  • Ctra. Antequera-Álora (A343) km 16,      29200 Antequera (Malaga)
  • GPS: 36.986822, -4.622471
  • Tel. +34 952031107
  • To get directions, click

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Veras como sin duda lobos en cautividad pueden vivir en semi libertad disfrutando de la naturaleza. Haz la reserva para La Noche de los Aullidos. Aprende el lenguaje de tu perro.

Witness wolves in an exceptional environment. Make your Wolf Howl Night reservation. Learn the language of your dog.

Erleben Sie Wölfe in einem aussergewöhnlichen Umfeld. Reservieren Sie für die Wolfs-Heul-Nacht. Lernen Sie die Sprache Ihres Hundes.

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